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Ensuring justice for all, particularly the most vulnerable among us, is Legal Aid of West Virginia’s mission.  But we can’t do it alone.  The Just One Campaign began in 2017 as an effort to encourage practicing West Virginia attorneys to support Legal Aid by making a relatively modest but meaningful contribution: Just One gift.  Just One time a year.  At a dollar amount at least equivalent to their hourly billing rate. 

Since then, it has become our primary source of annual public support, raising nearly $700,000 over the last three years.  We’ve also broadened the scope by engaging non-attorney (but justice-loving!) donors in the Campaign.  Out of that, a small band of early supporters has blossomed into a community of people committed to ensuring the most vulnerable among us, - victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, seniors, the disabled, and thousands more – enjoy the equal access to justice promised to all Americans.  To us, our supporters are everyday heroes who understand Batman and Superman aren’t going to help fix the equal justice gap in West Virginia but, together, WE can!  So put on your cape and fly with us!

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Imagine facing a serious non-criminal legal problem affecting your safety, housing, livelihood or access to benefits like education and health care and having little to no experience with the legal system.Legal Aid of West Virginia is where people can turn for free legal assistance and advocacy.We ensure the most vulnerable among us – the disabled, seniors, domestic violence victims and so many others – have an equal shot at justice in the courtroom and in their communities.

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